A movie about making a cheesy zombie movie, that becomes too real when the crew is attacked by real zombies. Unpleasant surprise for everyone involved. However, that is the premise of “One Cut of the Dead”.

“One Cut of the Dead” is the first full length film by director Shinichiro Ueda and is being celebrated for its new take on the horror/comedy genre.

The movie takes place in an abandoned Japanese water filtration plant. Then someone tells a tale about the plant’s real history.  Sit back and watch the story unfold.

For a film shot for around 3 million yen, it is quite an accomplishment for it to attain widespread release throughout Japan.  Especially, when it was originally planned to be released in only two theaters. Also, 3 million yen is not a lot of money, it’s only around $27,000!

So what makes this zombie movie special?

The movie’s first 37 minutes is only one take. Yup, a zombie movie that is filmed in real time with only one take. After this first take, there are 2 more stages of the movie that occur as flashbacks. Keep you’re eyes out for “One Cut of the Dead” to a film house near you.

Check out the trailer if it sounds like something you might like.